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To rent and take delivery of your mobile home, do the following:

 1. If repairs are needed that Atchen Tan is responsible for, we will plan to have someone on site within, if possible, a maximum of 10 working days.   
2. If you cancel the contract before 60 months, Atchen Tan will not pay a loyalty bonus so as to cover its costs of collecting, refurbishing and re-marketing the Mobile Home.  
3.  After 60 months, you have three options:  
A. you can return the Mobile Home.  If full rental payments have been made, you receive a loyalty bonus payment of some 12  - this varies on a case by case basis - times of your weekly rental minus any needed repairs not due to normal ‘wear and tear’.  
B. you can continue renting from Atchen Tan who will refurbish your Mobile Home and pay you the loyalty bonus if you agree to a minimum number of months further rental depending upon signing fee amount.  
C.   you can buy your mobile home at  the Glass' Guide recommended trade price for your model, or something similar. Plus if full rental payments have been made, your loyalty bonus will be deducted from the sale price.  This gives you the opportunity own the Mobile Home, and to choose to then sell, rent or provide the Mobile Home to another family, community member or someone else

a.  you sign a rental contract with Atchen Tan which may be cancelled on three calendar months notice by you with the earliest cancellation being at the end month 28 – i.e. notice after 25 months 
b.  so long as rents are paid and you fulfill the contract terms, you may normally extend rental period without limit
c. signing fee paid by you to Atchen Tan up front on signing rental contract to our bank account. 
d. Atchen Tan will advise you of this fee based on your location, Housing Benefit and Mobile Home you wish to rent. 
​e.   there will be no additional charge for delivery to site and siting, utility connection and LPG including certificate will be included subject to site inspection prior to delivery

a.  you tell Housing Benefit in writing that you agree to them speaking about your case to Atchen Tan  
b.   you complete a Pre-Tenancy form. Atchen Tan will do this for you, post it to you for you to complete, sign and you take to Benefits Officer for processing and approval by Rent Review/ Valuation Office and for them to agree to the Mobile Home Atchen Tan is providing
c.  you instruct Benefits to pay your benefit to Atchen Tan
​d. Benefits must then confirm to Atchen Tan in writing that they will pay your benefit directly to Atchen Tan


07778 852 539 or 07780 471 452 


Patagium Ltd registered in England   t/a Atchen Tan - 8 King Street, Trinity Square, Hull HU1 2JJ  

No 07602246
Atchen Tan Ltd registered in England   t/a Atchen Tan - 8 King Street, Trinity Square, Hull HU1 2JJ   

No 9812878


a. weekly Housing Benefit eligibility for mobile rental 
b.  National Insurance Number
c.  name, site address & post code, phone & if possible an email. Is it council or private?
d.  name and contact details [email & phone] of Site Manager
​e.  name and contact details [Council address, email & phone] of your council Traveller Liaison Officer or similar
​f.   name and contact details [Council address, email & phone] of your Housing Benefit Officer
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